I'm interested in model theory as it relates to combinatorics and other fields. So far, my research has primarily been about distal structures, including o-minimal structures and the p-adics. I've worked on combinatorial applications of distality, and on studying distal metric structures in continuous logic.

My Ph.D. thesis, Distality in Combinatorics and Continuous Logic, is available on [eScholarship].


  1. Generically Stable Measures and Distal Regularity in Continuous Logic: [arxiv]
  2. Fuzzy VC Combinatorics and Distality in Continuous Logic: [arxiv]
  3. Combinatorial Bounds in Distal Structures: [arxiv]
    Accepted, Journal of Symbolic Logic: [doi]
  4. The Fraïssé limit of matrix algebras with the rank metric: [arxiv]